About Patrick

Patrick Zuniga has earned diplomas from three different universities, he has helped coach football teams who have won state championships, but he says the greatest thing he has ever received was "more time."

In 2016, he was given a clean bill of health after nearly dying due to complications from alcohol abuse.  Since then, his personal passion is to help others recognize the joy of "rising above" expectations and limitations that negatively impact one's potential.  

In 2017, Patrick founded My Mind My Power to share his experiences through the power of teaching and learning.  He uses his knowledge, skills, and experience as a veteran educator to create empowerment-based learning experiences to assist others.  Additionally, Patrick loves to collaborate with individuals or groups who are building curriculum designed to empower others.

Patrick often discusses the importance of raising  self-awareness about personal roadblocks and volunteers in the community to assist with overcoming shared challenges. He often speaks of the power of collaboration, innovation, and self-actualization as keys to solutions.

Patrick currently teaches 7th grade humanities and is a doctoral student at Creighton University where he is studying interdisciplinary leadership.